About Dispatcher Paragon

What is Dispatcher Paragon?

A Print Management Platform

As a platform, Dispatcher Paragon includes two main pillars:

  • Print Management,

  • Basic Document Capture

The two main pillars enable customers to:

  • Centralize print management across 2D (as well as 3D printers print management capabilities):

    • Embedded in the world's most popular MFD brands,

    • Embedded in supported 3D printers.

  • Reduce costs on print, scan, and copy services.

  • Increase document and 3D object security.

  • Improve productivity through automated scan workflows and pull-printing.

  • Contribute to organization sustainability initiatives.

Suites and Modules

Dispatcher Paragon follows a simple approach to modularity. Customers can choose from a set of modules or a combination of modules (suites) in order to drive operational efficiencies, streamline workflows, and strengthen device and content security while improving worker productivity. Modularity enables customers to use truly what their business will benefit from.