Antivirus Exclusions for Dispatcher Paragon

Dispatcher Paragon is I/O-intensive system working with print jobs, documents, rendered images and log files. Any false positive detection resulting in denial of file accesses will influence user experience and may lead to service interruption. A specific set of exclusions is recommended for seamless operations.

Server Exclusions

It is recommended to exclude the following folders and file types from real-time content inspection (such as anti-virus on-access scans):

Folder Content


File Extensions

embedded PostgreSQL database executable and data directory
(exclude if used)





external PostgreSQL database executable and data directory
(exclude if used)

c:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.4\bin (example location)


c:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.4\data (example location)


MS-SQL database (exclude if used)


Please see Microsoft documentation for detailed guide if you do not want to exclude whole directory.


Spooler Controller cache





Terminal Server cache


* (No file extension)

\DispatcherParagon\SPOC\terminalserver\etcd\TS-<IP>\member\snap (example location)


\DispatcherParagon\SPOC\terminalserver\etcd\TS-<IP>\member\wal (example location)


Folders for log files


\DispatcherParagon\Management\logs (only on Management Server)

\DispatcherParagon\MPS\logs (optional feature)





\DispatcherParagon\YPS\logs (optional feature)


Other locations which may be considered for exclusion:

Folder Content


File Extensions

Windows spooler



Folder for print job data storage



Please note that .job files store the print job payload, which may contain Adobe PostScript, Adobe PDF and other data formats which may carry viruses and exploits. They should not be exempted from scanning unless the impact on performance is too significant and the threat is deemed acceptable.