Dispatcher Paragon Summer 2020 Release - Release Notes Build 46

Fixes and Improvements

Terminals, User Interfaces

The number of copies is correctly detected for print jobs containing a "QTY" string in the job title. (SBT-1307)

Re-installation of Embedded Terminal for Xerox Altalink devices with a newer firmware version (, proceeds without failure. (SBT-1303)

The CA certificate validation for Embedded Terminals for Ricoh has been improved. (SBT-1258)

The user experience when a scanning workflow fails to execute due to an incorrect date format has been improved. Now, information about the expected format is presented in the dialogue. (SBT-1348)


The resiliency of the database maintenance procedure on PostgreSQL databases has been improved. The next run will have a better chance for completion of the table which was not finished in the previous run. (SBT-1267)

A performance improvement in the reporting engine for PostgreSQL database with a database split deployment scenario has been made. (SQC-828)

Optimizations for the counter reporting database structure have been made so that web reporting responds better on installations with a high number of monitored devices. (SBT-1356)

Installation and Administration

The installation directory is explicitly created during a silent installation so it is possible to install the product into a different location than the default location. In this case, log files are created in the directory where a configuration file for the silent installation is located. (SBT-72)

The DNS name for Site Services can now be up to 255 characters long; before the maximum length was only 64 characters. (SBT-1260)

The Mobile Print Server service is now set to a delayed start so that a smooth start is ensured in environments with minimal hardware specifications. (SBT-1184)

Reverting a system property now populates a correct value. This includes advanced cases where the value was generated for each installation. (SBT-499)

An administrator informational message that appears when a role is removed from a user is now enhanced. (SBT-1347)

The Management interface tabs "Devices" and "Counter reports" are better protected against a link injection attack. (SBT-1254, SBT-1255)

The XML parser used for importing an XML file with configuration or license has been configured to prevent XML External Entity attacks. (SBT-741)

Logging of card numbers and PINs on Site Services is not enabled by default. (SBT-181)

Database validator log files are now unified into one sub-folder. (SBT-493)


A new article System configuration case study of large deployment is available. This article describes the recommended optimization and architecture design for customers with thousands of devices.

Several links leading to internal documentation were fixed in the HTML version of product documentation. (SBT-322)

Product extensions (formerly known as customizations

Customers who use Dispatcher Paragon extensions should contact their Regional Sales Manager or customer support team for compatibility verification with the new Build. We recommend testing all extensions before applying a Build update into a production environment.

You can find additional information on Dispatcher Paragon Partner Portal: https://paragon.konicaminolta.com/customer-support-service/extensions-store

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