Selecting jobs to print at Terminal Professional

How to

  1. Place your card on the card reader and/or enter login information.

  2. On the Main menu, touch Job list.

  3. Depending on the way terminal has been set up, a sub-menu may appear.

    Touch the button for the type of job you want to print.

  4. Touch the job you want to print.

    To print the selected job(s): touch the Print button and the printer prints the job(s).

  5. Touch the icon hand; then select one of the following options:

    • To display more jobs, touch the up or down arrows.

    • To select / deselect all the jobs, touch Select all / Unselect all.

    • To mark a selected job as favorite, touch Mark favourite.

    • To view more information about the selected job, touch Show info.

    • To display a print job preview, touch Show preview.

    Depending on how your administrator has set up the terminal, the Select all item in context menu could be disabled.


  6. Touch Print.