Configuring the Main Panel with Dispatcher Paragon

The behavior of the main panel depends on the value set in the system property konicaMinoltaForceMyPanelForKmTheme:

  • DisabledDefaultPanel is used, and its content is determined during Dispatcher Paragon installation. If Dispatcher Paragon is installed prior to Dispatcher Phoenix, the Dispatcher Phoenix icon will not be visible (the Dispatcher Phoenix application is not present in the MFD, and there is nothing to create the shortcut to). In such a case Dispatcher Paragon needs to be reinstalled again for the Dispatcher Phoenix icon to be added to DefaultPanel. The original DefaultPanel icons are kept in place, the Dispatcher Paragon and Dispatcher Phoenix icons are placed in empty slots on DefaultPanel, the user rights for Dispatcher Paragon print and scan applications are not considered.

  • Enabled (default value) – MyPanel is used, and its content is determined at user login. The order in which Dispatcher Paragon and Dispatcher Phoenix are installed does not matter. The user rights configured in Dispatcher Paragon are followed when showing print and scan applications icons, but no predefined icons are kept on the panel (but third-party apps can still be configured using the system property openApiShortcutsReferences).