Dispatcher Paragon Winter 2021 Release - Release Notes Build 52

Fixes and Improvements

Installation, Administration and Reporting

New configuration property, maximalDelayOfPrintingJobs, is introduced. The spooler cleaning procedure regularly deletes all jobs in pending and printing status that have passed the defined threshold. The default value is 24 hours. (SBT-1926)

The Workflow Processing System has a more robust start procedure. It is improved to start with locally overwritten configuration parameters. (SBT-2126)

The basic parameters of manually created users are not updated on an edit operation with an external MS SQL database. (SBT-2139)

Payment System Administration provides a more descriptive error message if an entitlement already exists in the system. (SBT-2074)

Improvements in localization texts for a server installer, embedded terminals and the terminal access report. (SBT-62, SBT-2085)


Embedded Terminal for Ricoh SOP uses left ellipsis for long usernames. (SBT-1547)

Embedded Terminal for Ricoh SOP fully uninstalls servlets. (SBT-2106)

Embedded Terminal for Ricoh SOP installation has SP mode setting as an optional step. It makes the installation/uninstallation procedure more robust. (SBT-2122)

Embedded Terminal for Ricoh is no longer failing installation/uninstallation on devices with Java 7 or older. (SBT-2125)

Cloud Terminal no longer allows configuration of SNMP on the management interface. SNMP is not compatible with this terminal type. Additionally, offline accounting was set as the default accounting option. (SQC-3278)


The documentation article, "Konica Minolta - Disable the Certificate Verification Settings option", for embedded terminals was updated with a detailed explanation and troubleshooting steps. (SBT-773)

The documentation article, "Edit Connector" was extended with limitations associated with usage of a service account. (SBT-2105)

Product extensions (formerly known as customizations)

Customers who use Dispatcher Paragon extensions should contact their Regional Sales Manager or customer support team for compatibility verification with the new Build. We recommend testing all extensions before applying a Build update into a production environment.

You can find additional information on Dispatcher Paragon Partner Portal: https://paragon.konicaminolta.com/customer-support-service/extensions-store

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