Print language support and limitations

The support of print languages depends on capabilities of the FlexiSpooler's language parser. There are currently two levels of languages: job ticket languages (used for metadata) and the languages forming the actual job data.

Supported job ticket formats

  • PJL


Print languages

Renderable jobs

Those are languages which are fully supported and it is able to render a print job preview. It is also able to determine the color coverage, page size and other job characteristics.

  • PCL5

  • PCL3 GUI

  • PCLXL (PCL6)

  • HPGL/2

Following languages need Ghostscript installation (for correct version see Dispatcher Paragon FlexiSpooler Requirements, Dispatcher Paragon server requirements) in the system for full rendering capabilities, otherwise, only limited analysis is supported (specified in brackets).

  • PDF (simplex/duplex, copies count)

  • Postscript (simplex/duplex, copies count)

Color coverage analysis is no longer supported for these languages even with Ghostscript installed.

Jobs with basic analysis

No preview can be generated for such jobs. Usually, it is able to analyze job properties like page count or page size but the information can be inaccurate in some cases. Rule-based Engine actions generally cannot be performed on such jobs.

  • Prescribe

  • NT EMF

  • QPDL

  • Hiper-C

  • ZjStream

  • CPCA

Jobs with no analysis

The rest of the print languages pass through the FlexiSpooler without any job analysis. Some of the languages are recognized but still no analysis is performed. The only modification performed is wrapping the jobs into PJL headers (if not present already).

PostScript support

Basic finishing options (Simplex/Duplex, Color/Black&White and Copy count) are supported for PostScript jobs.

GhostScript limitations

All pages from the PDF file are determined as COLOR

When Dispatcher Paragon receives a print job as a pure PDF file then the job is parsed by GhostScript.
We cannot determine if the given page is BW or COLOR.

  • jobs from PDF vendor printer driver

  • jobs received over MPS (email)

  • jobs uploaded by EUI (End User Interface)