Release Notes Build 83

New Features

Advanced Finishing Options in Dispatcher Paragon Mobile Application

Users can modify the page range of a print job submitted via the Dispatcher Paragon Mobile application upon release on the device. (SCQ-8095)

Ricoh SOP (Smart Operation Panel) now supports G3 devices

The Ricoh SOP Embedded terminal has been updated to 1.1.6 and has been certified to support Ricoh G3 devices. (SQC-7902)

Fixes and Improvements

Terminals, User Interfaces

It is now possible to enable the use of the native scan feature on all Dispatcher Paragon-supported vendors via the configuration option 'ScanPanelEnabled'. (SQC-5855).

The job list correctly updates after job deletion on the terminal. (SBT-4614)

Job preview is now correctly working in near roaming on the embedded terminal. (SBT-4402)

Installation and Administration

The instability caused by spooler status reports containing a large number of reported Job IDs has now been resolved. (SBT-4641)

The LDAP replicator no longer truncates characters from the first name. (SBT-4623)

PackageMate successfully creates an LDAP printer. (SBT-4618)

PackageMate creates a DMG package with the correct branding. (SBT-4612)

When attempting to save a printer template, the user will be informed to enter a maximum of 64 characters in the unique ID field. (SBT-4575)

In the YSoft Payment System, the user is visible in the "Subjects" section after being deleted from the management interface. (SBT-4572)

When running an LDAP sync, the user name will be synced successfully. (SBT4544)

The job status will now reflect the appropriate state during an interchange between Job Service and SPOC. (SBT-4497)

Other included change codes

SQC-8189, SQC-8183, SQC-8181, SQC-8099, SQC-7951, SQC-7914, SQC-7862, SBT-4654, SBT-4646, SBT-4643, SBT-4632, SBT-4631, SBT-4563, SBT-4503, SBT-4022, SBT-3165, SBT-3128, SBT-4640

Product extensions (or customizations)

Customers who use Dispatcher Paragon extensions or customizations should contact their Regional Sales Manager or customer support team for compatibility verification with the new Build. We recommend testing all extensions before applying a Build update into a production environment.

You can find additional information on Dispatcher Paragon Partner Portal: