Requirements and Known Limitations of Dispatcher Paragon Embedded Terminal for HP


  • Devices based on OXPd and newer platform are supported so far. No special settings are required for using with Dispatcher Paragon Embedded Terminal.

  • Only HP devices with FutureSmart 4 are supported.

  • Display size 4.3" and larger.

Known Limitations

  • Printing

    • Most advanced finishing options are supported on the embedded terminal. The only exceptions are 3-hole punching and Z-fold features, which are currently not supported and binding works only with shortedge and longedge options.

  • Scan Workflows:

    • The device's merging originals can be controlled by system property hpScanJobAssemblyEnabled since MU28.

    • The device's merging originals does not allow you to combine document sources if you start a scan from the feeder.

    • Compact PDF is not available (the fallback format is PDF).

    • Users with long usernames may be unable to scan because of HP SKD limitation on scan destination URI length. Typically it affects usernames with 50 or more characters, but amount of special characters in username can decrease the limit down to even 30 characters.

  • Payment:

    • Detailed limitations:

    • Brief explanations:

      • The user can reach the negative balance in certain cases.

      • The user needs to have sufficient credit to copy/print/scan at least one cheapest page.

      • If there are any paid operations and the user has zero balance, not all free operations may be accessible.

      • For combinations of color and black&white quotas for given operation, the lowest quota is applied.

      • The user can deplete his unused quota and block any further operation in case additional credit requests occur.

      • Blank pages do not count towards Page quotas.

      • Stop on zero for scanning is not supported - the user can get to negative balance.