Using Billing Codes at a Terminal Pro 4

With YSoft Terminal Pro 4, you can select billing (project) codes in the copying and scanning application.

Whether or not the selected billing code also applies to your print jobs depends on the configuration done by your administrator.

Selecting a Billing Code from the List

  1. In the Dispatcher Paragon application, select the Scan or Copy application from the Main menu.

  2. A screen with billing codes either displays automatically if you access the Scan or Copy application for the first time, or you have to tap the Change button.

  3. On the billing codes selection screen, you can:


    images/download/thumbnails/284926397/_folder-version-1-modificationdate-1519287886783-api-v2.png Tap the folder icon to see a list of the children of a billing code (lower level).

    images/download/thumbnails/284926397/BC_text_field-version-1-modificationdate-1519287887517-api-v2.png Tap the text field to enter a search phrase.

    images/download/thumbnails/284926397/_search-version-1-modificationdate-1519287886927-api-v2.PNG Tap Search to start searching.

  4. After tapping the folder icon, the search field is replaced by breadcrumbs navigation:


    images/download/thumbnails/284926397/_home-version-1-modificationdate-1519287886840-api-v2.png Tap the Home button to see the root billing codes (the highest level).

    Tap any of the breadcrumbs in front of the home button to navigate higher in the hierarchy.

  5. If you find your billing code in the list, tap the billing code's name to select it. Tap the OK button to confirm the selection.


  6. You are now redirected to the screen you were previously on. The newly selected billing code can be seen at the bottom of the screen.


Default Billing Code

  1. Based on your configuration, the default billing code is sometimes selected automatically (in this case: 0 - Default Project). Until you change it, all copies and scans (and prints) will be accounted to your default billing code.

    Your default billing code can be changed in the Dispatcher Paragon web administration interface.

Searching Billing Codes

  1. Navigate to Billing codes either from the Scan or Copy application.


  2. A screen with billing codes displays. If you want to search for billing codes, tap the text field to enter a search phrase.


  3. Type the name or number or text of the billing code you want to search for and tap Search.


  4. A result matching your search phase displays.


    Now you can:

    images/download/thumbnails/284926397/BC_text_field-version-1-modificationdate-1519287887517-api-v2.png Tap the text field if you want to change your search phrase.

    images/download/thumbnails/284926397/_arrow-version-1-modificationdate-1519287886687-api-v2.PNG Tap the Back button to stop searching and return to the billing codes list.

  5. Select one of the billing codes and confirm by tapping the OK button.


Continue to Scanning or Copying

  1. Once a billing code is selected, you can continue to the Scan application to start scanning at the printer's panel.


  2. Continue to the Copy application to start copying at the printer's panel.