Accessing and Logging in at a Konica Minolta Device - Cloud Terminal

This document describes how to authenticate at the MFD with the Konica Minolta Dispatcher Paragon Cloud Terminal.

Logging in with a card or username/password

  1. Put your card on the reader attached to the printer.

  2. Or enter your username/password.

    1. Enter your username.

    2. Enter your password.

    3. Tap Login.


In case that another user is logged in, you will log him/her out by placing your card on the card reader. If you want to log in yourself, place your card once again on the card reader.

To utilize a card reader, the card reader must be in keyboard mode, or Konica Minolta firmware version IT6 2.1 must be installed. Please contact your Konica Minolta service technician to install firmware updates.

Logging out

There are two options for logging out:

  1. To log out, press the Access button (highlighted in the image) on the printer panel.


  2. Or to log out from the application, tap the icon Log out (highlighted in the image) on the printer display.


Select Language

  1. Tap the language icon and the Select a language dialog is displayed.


  2. Select the language and tap Select. The Select a language dialog is hidden.


Self Card Registration

Users can activate their cards at the MFD's terminal. After swiping an unactivated card, users will see the following screen:images/download/attachments/284925679/image2022-11-3_12-41-48-version-1-modificationdate-1667475708597-api-v2.png Users can tap one of the buttons to select between two scenarios:

  • Activation code – Users obtain a Card Activation Code and enter the code on the terminal to activate their card.

  • Username and password – Users log in to their account on the terminal and the card is activated.

Using an activation code

Obtaining the Card Activation Code

To activate a card using an activation code, the user needs a Card Activation Code. This code can be obtained in the following ways:

Administrator Generated Code

The administrator can assign card activation codes to user accounts and send the codes to users by email.

If the administrator has enabled the code displaying, users can see their card activation code on the Dashboard in the end user interface.


User Generated Code

The administrator can enable users to generate their own card activation code in the end user interface.

To generate the card activation code, users must do the following:

  1. Log in to the end user interface. The Dashboard is displayed as default.

  2. On the Dashboard, navigate to the Access credentials widget and click Generate card activation code.


If the administrator has enabled the code displaying, users can see their card activation code on the Dashboard.


Card activation code provider

The administrator can enable users to generate their own card activation code on the Card activation code provider page. After sweeping an unactivated card at the terminal, the following screen is displayed:

  1. Scan the QR code displayed to access the page or type the URL address, into your web browser and log in using your company credentials.

  2. Your card activation code will be generated.

Registering New Card at the Terminal

To perform a card self-assignment correctly, the user has to go to a device and swipe the card they want to self-assign. The terminals will recognize an unassigned card and prompt the users for their card activation code. Once the card activation code is correctly entered by the user, the card is assigned to them. From this moment, the card can be used to log into all terminals.

  1. Swipe an unactivated card at the terminal.

    If the external software providing card assignment codes is enabled, the screen will look like this:


    Note that the very same screen can appear also in case that external Identity Provider user synchronization fails. In that case, the Dispatcher Paragon Cloud needs to verify user identity once more, by reactivating the card for the same user.

  2. Enter the card activation code and select Continue or Activate.

  3. After the successful assignment process, you are logged into the device, and the new card is assigned to your user account.

If the external software providing card assignment codes is enabled (property enableCardAssignmentCodeProvider) but the cardAssignmentCodeProviderPublicUrl property is not filled then the following screen is displayed.images/download/attachments/284925679/image2022-11-3_12-46-19-version-1-modificationdate-1667475979203-api-v2.png

Using Username and Password

After selecting the Username and password button, users enter credentials to their account and then select Activate.images/download/attachments/284925679/image2022-11-3_12-47-5-version-1-modificationdate-1667476026057-api-v2.png They are logged in and the card is activated.