Using Konica Minolta Dispatcher Paragon Cloud Terminal


The Dispatcher Paragon Cloud Terminal is based on Konica Minolta Internal Web Server (IWS) technology. Be aware that there are some differences between the Cloud Terminal and the Embedded Terminal for Konica Minolta, notably:

  • The Cloud Terminal provides authentication services for the terminal itself, not the overall MFD. If you require MFD authentication, please use the Embedded Terminal.

  • Going from My Copies to Advanced Copy, going to Advanced Scan, or going to the Installed Apps will cause you to exit the Paragon Cloud Terminal. If your MFD uses Kiosk mode, you will need to wait for the MFD’s user timeout period to expire before you can access the Cloud Terminal again. We suggest reducing the user timeout period to 1 minute.

  • In the Cloud Terminal, the administrator can enable or disable My Copies, Advanced Copy, Advanced Scan, and linking to Apps.

  • When the MFD is in power-saving state, swiping a card will awake the MFD. However, unlike the Embedded Terminal, users will need to start the Cloud Terminal and swipe their card again in order to log in to the Cloud Terminal. If automated login from power saver mode is required, use the Embedded Terminal.

  • If the MFD is running a screen saver app such as the Connect to Weather App, users need to touch the screen in order to wake the machine. If users want to skip touching the screen, they will need to use the Embedded Terminal.

MFD Landing screen

There are two ways to start the Dispatcher Paragon Cloud Terminal: via Konica Minolta MarketPlace or by placing the Dispatcher Paragon Cloud tile on the MFD panel using the Customize Home screen function. Please refer to the appropriate documentation for more details.

Using Dispatcher Paragon Cloud Terminal

To Print, Copy or Scan using the Konica Minolta MarketPlace application tap the MarketPlace icon.

There may be other icons that appear on the home screen, that are determined by the administrator of the device. They are MFD native functions and not controlled by the MarketPlace software.


Tap Dispatcher Paragon Cloud Terminal to start the application.


In some cases, it might be listed as DP Paragon Cloud: