License Reactivation

After upgrading to a new release or restoring an installation on the same hardware and the same operating system (without the OS being reinstalled), the product must be reactivated again. When a license reactivation is performed, all orders that have been previously used on that server will be activated automatically.

License Reactivation

  1. On the Dashboard, click License information, CHANGE EXISTING LICENSE and Reactivate existing license.

  2. Then select one of the activation methods (Online activation or Offline activation), and perform the corresponding following steps.

License Reactivation Cluster Limitations

Dispatcher Paragon should always be activated or reactivated from management server when all cluster nodes are online/installed. The environment will send unique computer IDs from all management nodes to Dispatcher Paragon License Portal (the activation portal). The combination of a unique computer ID/s and tenant ID is called an integrity key. If a node becomes unavailable forever (for example, when its hardware becomes damaged) and the node must be exchanged, you have to follow Transferring a License to a New System instructions.

Note that the integrity key does not contain sensitive data like the IP address of the server, etc. The integrity key is a combination of the unique computer IDs and tenant ID.

Automatic tenant license processing

Automatic tenant license processing performs reactivation of:

  • tenant licenses which are active but expired or will expire soon (in 2 days).

  • tenants which are not properly licensed.

During tenant license reactivation process a request is made to Online License Activation URL (refer to Management Interface - License Activation) to reactivate tenant license. When operation succeeds, the tenant's system administrator is notified by a message on Dispatcher Paragon notification center . In case the operation fails then the tenant's system administrator is notified by a message in Dispatcher Paragon notification center and e-mail is sent to administrator based on the deployment type :

  • single-tenant deployment tenant's system administrator receives e-mail with description of errors during tenant's license reactivation. To achieve this behavior it is required set tenant's system administrator e-mail via parameter Dispatcher Paragon administrator email address in tenant's System Configuration.

  • multi-tenant deployment – e-mail with description of errors during tenant's license reactivation is sent to cloud administrator which e-mail have to be set in Cloud Administration web interface. You can set cloud administrator's email on Users view.