Transferring a License to a New System

Before transferring a license to a new server (e.g., when the original hardware fails) or extending a management server cluster, it is necessary to enable reactivation on the new hardware.

If the reactivation is not allowed, the license server will determine that the activation has happened on a different computer and the activation will fail with one of the following messages:

  • This license has been previously used on a different server.

  • You are trying to activate license MAxxxxxxx on a server where a different license (MAxxxxxxx) has been used in the past.

Alternatively, you can see warning screen on management interface for cluster installations although the action was successful, see License Troubleshooting page with more detail description.

Please Follow These Steps to Enable Reactivation:

Variant 1:

Method requires portal role "Sales general" which is available mostly to sales personnel. If you account misses the role you are not able to see "Business support" menu. If you manage more users accounts, you can list their permissions in menu My Account -> Account Management -> My Users -> Organisation Users.

  1. For prevention and proper functioning visit the Partner Portal

  2. On the Partner portal remove hardware lock:

    1. Login to the partner portal.

    2. Left menu → Business support / License management.

    3. Find customer license and click on the Detail.

    4. On the detail page, click on the Software wizard button.

    5. At the top of the screen, you will see the license information. Click on the HW-locked and insert the e-mail for a confirmation.

    6. Now you should see "Unlocked to new HW."

  3. Go back to the management interface and Activate license again (Online or Offline)

    1. Use Upgrade existing license if it is available among other options.

Variant 2:

  1. The partner responsible for the installation needs to send a request to allow reactivation on the new hardware to the license support e-mail.

  2. The request must contain:

    • the reason why the transfer is needed

    • the support ID or the customer company name

  3. Note that the approval process may take several days to complete.

  4. If you urgently need the license, you can activate the trial license instead. Please see Trial Licenses for information about the volume of supported devices.