Offline Activation

New Offline Activation

  1. On the Dashboard, click Activate new license.

  2. You will be notified via a modal dialog to wait with activation until the last management server is installed in case if you plan to install the Dispatcher Paragon Management Server cluster. Click Continue with activation.

  3. On the Activation key screen, enter the activation key and click Next.

  4. On the Activation method screen, select the Activate offline option and click Next.

  5. The integrity key is generated automatically. Copy the integrity key and click Next.

  6. From a computer with Internet access, visit the activation website, enter your integrity key and generate the license key. On the License key screen, enter the license key generated on the activation portal and click Activate to finish the activation process.

Note that the integrity key does not contain sensitive data like the IP address of the server, etc. The integrity key is a combination of the unique computer ID and tenant ID.

Dispatcher Paragon should always be activated or reactivated when all management server nodes are online. See more information at the License Reactivation limitations section.