Scanning with YSoft SafeQ Terminal UltraLight


  • SMB - Server Message Block – shared access to the file systems, one version which is also known as CIFS

    • Only Windows SMB is supported

  • MFD - Multifunction Device

  • WPS - Workflow Processing System – the Dispatcher Paragon component responsible for scan processing

There is the possibility of scanning with YSoft SafeQ Terminal UltraLight when the MFD supports scanning to a file repository.

A shared disk space called the Scan destination folder has to be prepared. This Scan destination folder has to be unique for every pair of MFD and Scan workflow . It is only a working space dedicated to transferring scan files from the MFD to the Dispatcher Paragon. Scan files stay there for a limited time and are deleted when Dispatcher Paragon reads it. The scan destination is accessible using SMB.

Scan Process

  • A user logs into Terminal UltraLight and presses the copy icon.

  • On the UI of the MFD, the user navigates to a pre-configured native scan feature, selects a destination from the address book of the MFD (make sure that you communicate to the user which address book entry to use), and performs a scan.

  • The MFD stores the scan files in the Scan destination folder.

  • After the user logs out of Terminal UltraLight, Dispatcher Paragon fetches the scan files from the Scan destination folder and starts actions according to the Scan workflow.

Scan Workflows and Dispatcher Paragon Terminal UltraLight

The Scan workflows defined in the Dispatcher Paragon management interface are common definitions for all types of Dispatcher Paragon terminals. Consider that HW-related settings, like dpi, color, or page format, are not supported with YSoft SafeQ Terminal UltraLight. The administrator presets these HW settings while configuring the native scanning feature of the MFD. In some cases, the user can change it personally just before scanning, if allowed. Reconciliation of the Scan workflows and the MFD's native scanning settings is up to a handy administrator.

The recommended default settings of the native scanning features are: 300 dpi, color (if requested), and JPG as the output format. Nonetheless, the full list of supported formats is: JPG, PDF, TIFF, multipage TIFF, and compact PDF.

Do not use any native OCR scan functions when the Dispatcher Paragon OCR is switched on in the Scan workflow.

Setting Up Scanning on Terminal UltraLight


  • Create a special folder in the file system for the Scan destination folder usage. For example, it can be D:\Scans\MFD_03.

  • Create a special service account with full access (Read, Write, Manage,..) so this folder and this account can also run services (more info in the note at the end of this chapter).

  • Setup sharing of the Scan destination folder for MFD settings purposes and grant the service account to access the share.


  • Configure the MFD's native scan feature for scanning and storing scan files in the Scan destination folder

    • The best way to do so is to create a record in the address book of your MFD (if you are not sure how to do this, please refer to the chapter Configuring MFDs for Scanning with Dispatcher Paragon hardware terminals where you can find detailed guides).

      The WPS service runs under the regular system account. If the scan destination is not accessible by services running under such an account (e.g., the scan destination is located on a different computer than WPS), please make sure that you run the WPS service using the account that you created at the beginning of this chapter.

  • In the Dispatcher Paragon management interface, edit the appropriate device in the menu Devices / Printers.

    • Choose the Advanced option.

    • In the section General and the item Terminal Type, check that YSoft SafeQ Terminal UltraLight is selected.

    • In the section Terminal, check the Scan feature checkbox.

    • In the Scan workflows section, click Assign workflows.

    • Select workflow from the Workflow drop-down list.

      As you can see, it is possible to select only workflows without user input. Workflows with user inputs are not supported on Terminal UltraLight and might not work properly. So, keep that in mind when editing a workflow and adding a user input into it.

    • In the Scan destination folder, provide a full address/path to which the MFD will deliver the scan (The record in the address book of your MFD). E.g., \\\scans...

      Since you can assign multiple workflows to the Terminal UltraLight, do not use the same destination for all workflows.

    • Save changes.


Due to a bug in online accounting, the copy/scan of big files fails if a user tries to initiate a logout during the scanning process.