Showing Personal and Virtual Balance


This feature allows users to see various representations of their balance, including their personal and virtual balance separately.

This feature is available only on embedded terminals.


To configure "Showing personal and virtual balance" feature, go to the Dispatcher Paragon management interface and authenticate with an account that has administrative rights. In Views menu, switch to Advanced options, then go to System > System settings. Under the YSoft Payment System tab, search for property preferredBalanceType. There are three possible values:

  • Available balance - The balance shown on the terminal represents the user’s total balance. The displayed balance represents a formula (personal + virtual - minimum) balance.

  • Separated balances - The terminal shows the user’s personal and virtual balances separately. An example would be "EUR 20.52 + 13.04 ", where the virtual balance is in the green font (except for the native type of Dispatcher Paragon Embedded Terminal for Konica Minolta, where the representation would be "EUR 20.52 (+ 13.04 bonus)").

  • Available balance without minimum balance - The balance shown on the terminal represents how much credit is available on the user’s account without including their minimum balance. The user may have a negative value if their minimum balance is negative. The displayed balance represents a formula (personal + virtual) balance.


In these examples, the user John Doe has a personal balance of 100EUR, a virtual balance of 30EUR and a minimum balance set to 50EUR.

Available balance


Separated balances


Available balance without minimum balance