Printing at a Konica Minolta Device - Cloud Terminal

This section describes printing with Dispatcher Paragon Cloud Terminal for Konica Minolta.

Printing and Managing Jobs

  1. Log in to the Cloud Terminal.

  2. You will see the home screen of the Cloud Terminal.images/download/attachments/284925744/image2022-9-6_14-55-43-version-2-modificationdate-1667316959103-api-v2.png

  3. If you have selected at least one job, the print button is enabled in the footer.images/download/attachments/284925744/image2022-9-6_14-56-15-version-2-modificationdate-1667316987973-api-v2.png

    If printing of a large print job takes long enough for the MFD screensaver to start, the print job will stay in the "printing" status even though it was printed successfully. The status will change to "printed" only after you or another user log in to the Cloud Terminal again.

Empty Job List

When there are no jobs in the folder, you will see the message "The folder is empty." instead of a job list.


Screen elements

Header Buttons

  • The exit button logs you out.


User Info

  • The user info is on the right side next to the exit button.


Printing and Managing Button Descriptions

  • The footer bar Print button prints all selected jobs. Note that the number on the button indicates the number of selected jobs.

images/download/thumbnails/284925744/Print_-_disabled_-_DIPA-version-49-modificationdate-1662468485027-api-v2.png images/download/thumbnails/284925744/Print_enabled_-_DiPa-version-2-modificationdate-1667317201483-api-v2.png

  • The Favorite button does a job as a favorite. Marked print jobs as a favorite will be present in this folder.

images/download/thumbnails/284925744/favorite-DIPA-version-49-modificationdate-1662468484937-api-v2.png images/download/thumbnails/284925744/favorite-selected-DIPA-version-49-modificationdate-1662468484907-api-v2.png

  • The Delete button deletes the job.