Configuring Konica Minolta - iSeries devices


  • Latest firmware is installed on MFD (or at least a minimum version mentioned in HCL – Konica Minolta).

  • MFD is OpenAPI 3.5 or higher if embedded accounting / application shortcuts / web browser terminal functionality is required. Models that support OpenAPI 3.5 or higher may need HDD and/or additional memory installed (for more details see HCL – Konica Minolta).

  • MFD is accessible from Spooler Controller subnet. IP Filtering of the Konica Minolta iSeries has to be adjusted if MFD and SPOCs are in different subnets. The Quick IP Filtering setting (Administration > Network > TCP/IP Setting > Quick Ip Filtering) is enabled by default, allowing only connections from the MFDs subnet.

At Glance

  1. Configure and enable SSL

  2. Configure inactivity timeout

  3. Disable the Certificate Verification Settings option

  4. Configure SSL via MFD Web

  5. Configure region (Develop only)

  6. Disable all other authentications (User Account Track, revert configuration for blocking cables (key counter, Vender2 cable, see How to block Konica Minolta devices)

  7. Add domain DNS suffix in Network settings - Default DNS domain name (in case a host name for SPOC is used)

  8. Enable Web Browser for Web-based terminal

  9. Configure the Windows print driver

  10. Configure USB card reader settings (if authentication by Card is required)

  11. Install loadable driver