Cloud Fax Connector

3 minute read Last updated on November 09, 2022

Cloud Fax Connector Node

The Cloud Fax Connector allows users to send documents from a Dispatcher Phoenix workflow directly to through the Upland InterFAX cloud-based online fax service.

Important! The Cloud Fax Connector ONLY works when combined with the MFP Panel or Web Capture nodes and the fax connection capabilities of Dispatcher Paragon. For more information about Dispatcher Paragon, contact your Konica Minolta representative.

Configuring the Cloud Fax Connector

Cloud Fax Connector

  • Enabled - To enable this node in the current workflow, check the box at this field. If you leave the box blank, the workflow ignores the node and documents pass through as if the node was not present. Note that a disabled node does not check for logic or error conditions. By default, nodes are enabled upon creation.

  • Node Name - The node name defaults into this field. This name appears in the workflow below the node icon. Use this field to specify a meaningful name for the node that indicates its use in the workflow.

  • Node Description - Enter an optional description for this node. A description can help you remember the purpose of the node in the workflow or distinguish nodes from each other. If the description is long, you can hover the mouse over the field to read its entire contents.


  • Help - To access Dispatcher ScanTrip Cloud Online Help, click this button.
  • Cancel - To exit the window without saving any changes, click this button.
  • Save - To preserve your node definition and exit the window, click this button.

Application Setup

The Cloud Fax Connector does not have any settings the user needs to configure and is intended to be used with an attached Index Form.

Configuring the Cloud Fax Connector Index Form

You can create an index form that allows you to connect to Upland InterFAX automatically at the MFP. Do the following:

  1. Make sure that your workflow includes a MFP Panel node and Cloud Fax Connector node.

  2. Click on the Forms dropdown in the toolbar and select Create New Index Form, as in the following illustration:

    Cloud Fax Index Form

  3. Select Blank Index Form, as in the following illustration:

    Cloud Fax Index Form

  4. Then, drag and drop the Cloud Fax Connector button to the Index Form work area. A Cloud Fax Connector index form will automatically appear, as in the following illustration:

    Cloud Fax Index Form

  5. To update the contacts in the Phone Book, click the Drop Down List area and edit the Label and Value fields that appear on the left, as in the following illustration:

    Cloud Fax Index Form

  6. Save and close the Index Form Builder.

For more information, see the Index Form Builder page.

Cloud Fax Connector at the MFP

At the MFP, take the following steps:

  1. Select your workflow - If only one Dispatcher Phoenix workflow is currently running, that workflow appears. However, if multiple workflows are running, the Selection screen appears and you must select a workflow.

  2. Select the index form - When your workflow appears on the screen, select the index form.

    Cloud Fax Connector at MFP

  3. Enter the recipient’s fax number - This can be accomplished manually or by tapping the Phone Book button.

    Cloud Fax Connector at MFP

    Tapping the Phone Book button brings you to the pre-configured phone book, as in the following illustration:

    Cloud Fax Connector at MFP

  4. Scan your document - Your document will be automatically sent to the selected fax number.