Highlight/Strikeout At The Panel

3 minute read Last updated on February 04, 2022

Dispatcher Phoenix users will now be able to edit the configuration of a Highlight/Strikeout node in a workflow directly from the MFP control panel. Any changes made to an existing Highlight/Strikeout node at the panel will be automatically reflected in Dispatcher Phoenix as well.

Note: The Highlight/Strikeout feature is not available on MFPs with Native User Interfaces.

Getting Started

To modify your highlight/strikeout configuration at the device panel, do the following:

  1. Configure your workflow to include a MFP Panel node and at least one Highlight/Strikeout node.

  2. Make sure that your workflow is running.

When you log into Dispatcher Phoenix and access the running workflow at the panel, you will see the Workflow Details screen, as in the following illustration:

Workflow Details

To view or edit your Highlight/Strikeout node, tap on the icon of the Highlight/Strikeout node that you are interested in. The Node Configuration screen will appear, as in the following illustration:

Node Configuration

This screen displays the search text strings that have already been defined for the Highlight/Strikeout node. Two search strings are displayed at a time. Up and down arrows are provided to navigate to additional search strings.

On this screen, you can do the following:

  • Edit search text listed in the Search For fields.

  • Specify whether or not to highlight or strikeout the specified search strings when they are found by tapping on the Highlight or Strikeout buttons.

  • Modify highlight/strikeout options for each search string using the Highlight/Strikeout drop-down list. The options are the same as those found in the Highlight/Strikeout Node Properties window in Dispatcher Phoenix.

  • Tap on the Match whole word, Match case, and Fuzzy match buttons to enable these settings for each search string.

  • Perform other actions on each search string by tapping on its Action icon.

  • Tap the + button to add another search string to the Highlight/Strikeout node.

Using the Action Tool Bar

When you click on the Action icon, an Action tool bar for the specific search string will appear.

Action Tool Bar

The Action Tool Bar provides the following functionality, from left to right:

  • Close tool bar

  • Move search string to top

  • Move search string up one

  • Move search string down one

  • Move search string to bottom

  • Delete search string

Specifying Advanced OCR Settings

To improve the accuracy of the redaction process as well as its performance time, you may choose to change the default settings of the OCR engine by selecting the Advanced Settings button to access the Advanced Settings screen.

You can specify settings for:

  • Preprocessing

  • OCR recognition

  • Output format

The settings available on the MFP panel are similar to the Advanced OCR Settings available from the Highlight/Strikeout node in Dispatcher Phoenix.

Adding a New Search String

To add a new search string to the Highlight/Strikeout node, tap on the + button. An empty input field will appear at the bottom of the list, as in the following illustration:

Adding A New Search String

Do the following:

  • Enter your search string in the empty text field that is provided.

  • Tap either the Highlight or Strikeout button to specify whether to highlight or strikeout the search string once it is found.

  • Specify where to highlight or strikeout the search string using the Highlight/Strikeout drop-down list.

  • Tap the Match whole word, Match case, and/or Fuzzy match buttons to narrow the search.

  • Use the Action bar to move or remove the new search string.

Saving Your Changes

When you are finished with your changes, tap on the Save icon. The following confirmation message will appear: