Import Documents

2 minute read Last updated on July 23, 2021

To start importing your documents into Dispatcher Phoenix Workstation, do one of the following:

  1. Select the Scan One or Scan All button on the Home tab’s tool bar.


  2. Drag-drop images from your computer onto a selected document in the Workstation’s Image Display area. All images will be included in the same document.

Scanning from MFP

When scanning from the MFP, you may need to adjust the Workstation’s scan settings to ensure that all pages are imported into the Workstation with the correct orientation. We recommend scanning one document (or page) first to see if you need to adjust the scan settings in the Workstation before scanning the entire batch.

Folder Scan

If you have chosen to import images from a folder on your computer, the Folder Scan window will appear once you start the scan, allowing you to choose the folder to use. See the following illustration:

Folder Scan window

To use this window, do the following:

  1. Choose the folder that contains the document by selecting the Browse button.

  2. Select the Scan button when you are ready to start the import process.

Note: After clicking the Scan button, the selected settings will be saved and available the next time the Workstation application is launched.

Folder Scan Import Options

The Folder Scan window provides the following options for the folder import:

  • Search For - Filter the file types that you want to import into Dispatcher Phoenix Workstation. Options are: TIF, JPG, PNG, and BMP.

  • Search subfolders (recursively) - Import images from any subfolders within the specified folder.

  • Delete files after import - Delete files after they are imported into Dispatcher Phoenix Workstation.

  • Create new document per file - Add each file into its own unique document within the Dispatcher Phoenix Workstation. If this box is disabled, all files will be imported into the same document.

  • Reset - Changes all options to the default settings, which are shown in the illustration above.

File Import

If you have chosen to import files from your computer, a Windows Explorer window will appear when you start the scan, allowing you to choose the image(s) that you want to import into Dispatcher Phoenix Workstation. The image(s) will be added to the selected document within your batch.