2 minute read Last updated on January 07, 2020

A palette of Process nodes are available for use in the Workflow Builder. Base nodes are standard in Dispatcher Phoenix. Optional nodes are available via the Add In Manager.

Supported Files for Imaging Processes

Imaging processes such as annotate, deskew, despeckle, merge, split, and watermark work on a select number of file types. Dispatcher Phoenix supports any image format supported by Windows Imaging Components (WIC). These file formats include the following:

  • BMP
  • GIF
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • TIFF

Since WIC can support additional formats through the use of codecs, Dispatcher Phoenix has the potential to support many more image formats. However, no other formats have undergone thorough testing for use in Dispatcher Phoenix. Thus, if using any other image format than the five listed above, your results may be unpredictable.

Note: Unsupported file types coming into image processing nodes will go out on error.

Node Order in Workflow

Make sure that the nodes are placed in the correct order within your workflow to ensure that it runs correctly. For example, if you want your documents to be Bates stamped with OCR metadata, you must make sure that either Forms Processing or Advanced OCR, which have been set up for zonal extraction, is placed before the Bates Stamp node in the workflow. At the time a node is being processed, metadata needs to be available for that node to use.