Negative Image

3 minute read Last updated on June 22, 2021

Negative Image

The Negative Image process is an optional node that creates a negative of an incoming document (i.e., converts light area to dark and vice versa). The node includes a preview area to help you visualize your processing results. This node works with TIFF, JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP files.

Note: This node does not support AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) PDFs.

To open the Negative Image Node window, add a process node for Negative Image and double-click on it. The preview area will reflect the results of the conversion process.

Negative Image Node

  • Check the Enabled box when there are multiple processes in a workflow. If unchecked, this process will be ignored. Documents will pass through as if the node was not present. Note that a disabled node will not check for logic or error conditions.

  • In the Node Name field, enter a meaningful name for the Negative Image node.

  • In the Description field, enter a description for the Negative Image node. Although this is not required, it can be helpful to distinguish multiple processes from each other. If the description is long, you can hover the mouse over the field to read its entire contents.

  • Select the Save button to keep your Negative Image definition. You can also select the Help button to access online help and select the Cancel button to exit the window without saving any changes.

Using The Tool Bar

Use the tool bar to manipulate or change the Preview area.

Icon Description
Pages icons. Click on the arrows to navigate through multiple pages of the sample document (if available).
Sample Document icon. Click on this icon to find and upload another sample document to use in the Preview area.
Actual Size icon. Click on this icon to revert the preview sample document to its original size.
Fit to Width icon. Click on this icon to stretch the sample document to fit the width of the Preview area.
Whole Page icon. Click on this icon to fit the sample document completely in the Preview area.
Zoom controls. Use either the magnifying glass icons or the sliding bar to zoom in and out of the Preview area. You can zoom to the location of the mouse cursor by using Ctrl + Mouse Wheel. You can also pan around the document by using Ctrl + Space + Mouse Left Button Click.

Uploading Another Sample Document

Clicking on the Upload icon on the tool bar allows you to upload your own sample document to use as a preview when defining your mirror image process. In addition, the application provides you with five sample documents of various sizes that you can also use. When you click on the Upload icon, a “Select an image” browse folder will appear from which you can choose the appropriately sized document.