System Settings

1 minute read Last updated on November 02, 2022

Dispatcher Phoenix Web’s System Settings Tool allows administrators manage important configuration options for the application. To get started, do the following:

  1. Log into Dispatcher Phoenix Web with your Windows User Credentials.
  2. Select the System Settings tile.

See the following illustration for an example:

System Settings Tile

Dispatcher Paragon

Dispatcher Paragon Settings

Note: Fields that contain sensitive information have a Reset button that allows you to enter a new value.

For more information on configuring Dispatcher Paragon, click here.

Network & Security


The Network & Settings allow you to configure the following settings:

Proxy Settings

  • Enable Proxy: Select this checkbox to enable the use of a proxy server.

  • Proxy URL: IP Address / Hostname of the Proxy Server.

  • User: If the proxy server requires authentication, enter username.

  • Password: If the proxy server requires authentication, enter password.

Certificate Settings

  • Accept all TLS certificates: Select this checkbox to accept all third-party SSL / TLS certificates.