Batch Manager

2 minute read Last updated on March 01, 2022

Dispatcher Phoenix Web’s Batch Manager app allows administrators to view the progress of each batch and forcibly release any batches that have been left locked by users. Please note that releasing a lock from a batch is only recommended when another user needs to take over the batch.

To access the Batch Manager app, select the BATCH MANAGER card on Dispatcher Phoenix Web’s home page, as in the following illustration:

The Batch Manager page resembles the following illustration:

On this page, all currently active batches are displayed with the following information:

  • Lock icon - This symbol illustrates whether the batch has been started by a user or not.
  • Date - The date the batch was submitted.
  • Batch - The name of the batch.
  • Module - The application that is processing the batch (Batch Indexing or Verification).
  • Workflow - The name of the workflow that the batch was submitted to.
  • User - The name of the user that is processing the batch. This user has an exclusive lock on the batch.
  • Total Docs - The number of documents in the batch.
  • Completed - The number of completed documents in the batch.
  • Progress - A graphical representation of the batch’s progress.

Release Batch

To forcibly release a batch from a user so that it can be accessed by other users, click the lock icon next to the batch that you are interested in. See the following illustration for an example:

A confirmation message will appear. Once you select Yes on the message, the batch will no longer be locked to that user and will be accessible for other users to index/verify.

Organize Batches

You can sort the batch display by clicking on a column (Date, Batch, Module, Workflow, User, Total Docs, Completed, Progress). For example, to sort all batches by their progress status, click on the Progress column, as in the following illustration:

Search Batches

You can also filter the batch list by using the Search field at the top right hand side of the window. This field uses type ahead search functionality to allow you to filter the list based on date, batch name, module, workflow, and user name. You can define multiple search criteria for more granular results.

Access Batches

To access a batch in its module (Batch Indexing or Verification), click on a batch name.

Refresh Batches

To refresh the batch list, click on the Refresh button at the top right hand side of the window.