MFPs that Support Rx Shield

2 minute read Last updated on September 27, 2023

Dispatcher Phoenix’s Rx Shield solution provides healthcare providers with a cost-effective and secure prescription print solution that uses regular copy paper. Designed to conform with prescription printing mandates issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Rx Shield automatically applies the following tamper-resistant features to printed prescriptions:

  • Anti-copy pantograph with customizable security warning text
  • Auto-erasure and modification detection
  • Pharmacist notification of security features

Anti-copying functionality works with all Konica Minolta MFPs. However, creating an Rx Shield-protected prescription is only supported on the following devices with the Copy Security functionality/firmware:

Color Models

bizhub C754e bizhub C364e bizhub C284 bizhub C360
bizhub C654e bizhub C284e bizhub C224 bizhub C280
bizhub C754 bizhub C224e bizhub C652 bizhub C220
bizhub C654 bizhub C554 bizhub C552 bizhub C550
bizhub C554e bizhub C454 bizhub C452 bizhub C3851FS
bizhub C454e bizhub C364 bizhub C650 bizhub C3351
bizhub C368 bizhub C308 bizhub C258 bizhub C658
bizhub C558 bizhub C458 bizhub C287 bizhub C227
bizhub C550i bizhub C450i bizhub C650i bizhub C250i
bizhub C300i bizhub C360i bizhub C4050i

Monochrome Models

bizhub 754e bizhub 554e bizhub 224e bizhub 363
bizhub 654e bizhub 454e bizhub 652 bizhub 283
bizhub 754 bizhub 364e bizhub 552 bizhub 223
bizhub 654 bizhub 284e bizhub 423 bizhub 367
bizhub 287 bizhub 227 bizhub 808 bizhub 958
bizhub 368 bizhub 308 bizhub 4750i bizhub 4050i
bizhub 4052 bizhub 300i bizhub 550i bizhub 4752
bizhub 360i bizhub 650i bizhub 450i bizhub 750i

Note: Currently, these features only work with Konica Minolta MFP devices that support Copy Protection. Support for other devices will be announced once Copy Security functionality/firmware compatibility has been confirmed.