Create A New Batch

4 minute read Last updated on November 15, 2021

To begin importing your documents into the Workstation, you can create a new batch or select an existing batch from the Batch List area to scan into.


  • Before creating a batch, a workflow that includes a Workstation node must be running first.

  • The Hostname / IP Address that the Workstation is connecting to (specified on the Options window) must be correct.

New Batch Window

To create a new batch, select the New Batch button from the Home tab’s tool bar. The Create New Batch window will appear, as in the following illustration:

Note: When you edit an existing batch, the Update Batch will appear. This window provides you with the same fields/options as the Create New Batch window.

The sections below describe the different options available for you to configure when setting up a new batch. When you are done configuring the new batch, select the Create button.

Select Workflow

You can choose to associate the batch with a Dispatcher Phoenix workflow when creating the batch. The Select Workflow drop-down list displays all currently running Dispatcher Phoenix Workstation workflows. You can refresh the workflow list by clicking on the Refresh icon next to the drop-down list. Once you select a workflow, documents in your batch will be sent to that workflow once the batch is submitted.

Batch Name

By default, the first batch is named “Batch00001” with subsequent batches sequentially numbered. You can change the name of the batch, if necessary. If you do not need subsequent batches to be automatically numbered, enter a batch name without numeric characters.

Select a Folder

You can choose to organize your batches in folders. A folder called “New Folder” is the default folder that is created for you when you first start the Workstation. This drop-down list displays all existing folders that are currently available for you. You can also create a new folder by choosing the Create New Folder option. When creating a new folder, a New Folder entry field will appear, allowing you to enter a name for a new folder which will then be automatically created. See the following illustration for an example:

Batch Setup

If you did not select a workflow for this batch or if the selected workflow has editing enabled at the Workstation, you can specify document separation, naming, and format options for the batch. See Create a workflow for more information.

Continuous Scan

Dispatcher Phoenix provides you with flexible options when scanning into a batch. If you need to start a scan multiple times (based on the page limits of your Auto Document Feeder, etc. and would like all subsequent scans to be placed in a new document, check the Start continuous scan with a new document box.

If this box is left disabled, new scanned pages will be automatically added to the last document in the batch.

Delete Batch After Submission

By default, batches remain in the Dispatcher Phoenix Workstation after they have been submitted to a Dispatcher Phoenix workflow. However, you can choose to automatically delete the batch after it has been submitted by checking the Delete batch after submit box.

Create New Batch After Submission

By default, new batches are not created after a batch has been submitted to a Dispatcher Phoenix workflow. However, to speed up your scanning process, you may want to have a new batch created once a batch has been submitted. In this case, make sure that the Create new batch after submit box is checked.

The new batch that is automatically created will appear below the submitted batch in the Batch Folders area.

Enter Batch Level Indexing Information

To avoid having to enter batch level index information at time of submit, you can prepopulate the batch level fields with information when you create/edit the batch. This can be done in the Create Batch or Update Batch window, which will display a Batch level fields button, as in the following illustration: