Installing DP Web Modules

1 minute read Last updated on July 27, 2017

Dispatcher Phoenix Web offers optional Add-In modules for installation, similar to the Dispatcher Phoenix Desktop application. You can choose to install one or multiple optional Web Add-In modules from the Add-In Manager.

Install DP Web Add-Ins

Follow these steps to select and install DP Web Add-In Modules.

  1. Open Add-In Manager.

  2. Click on the Select Add-Ins From on the left side menu.

  3. Type dpp-web in the search field on the top right corner to filter and show all DP Web Add-In modules.

  4. Hold the Ctrl key and multi-select the Add-In modules that you would like to install.

  5. This will install all selected Web Add-In modules, as well DP Web application packages onto your system.

DP Web Hosting Options

Dispatcher Phoenix Web supports and offers two different options for hosting the web application.

You can choose to host it on either Dispatcher Phoenix’s web server for self hosting or you can host it on IIS. Click on the following links to get detailed instructions on both hosting options.

  1. Self Hosting

  2. IIS Hosting