For The Enterprise

1 minute read Last updated on August 10, 2021

To support enterprise-level deployments, Dispatcher Phoenix provides a variety of tools and features for load balancing, failover, redundancy, offloading, online workflow control, and much more. Please browse through the following topics to learn more:

Cluster Management
View information about how to set up your servers to handle failover, offloading, and load balancing.

Workflow Sharing
Learn more about how you can use Dispatcher Phoenix Web’s Workflow Sharing tool to grant view/edit workflow permissions to other Active Directory users.

Workflow Control
Learn more about how to run, pause, and stop workflows using Dispatcher Phoenix Web.

Card Registration Tool
Access instructional information on Dispatcher Phoenix’s ID Card Registration Tool.

Learn more about Dispatcher Phoenix Web’s Dashboard, which provides important analytical information about your system.

User Data
Read about the user data information that you can access and modify via Dispatcher Phoenix Web.