Using Dispatcher Phoenix

1 minute read Last updated on December 16, 2021

Dispatcher Phoenix provides an intuitive main application screen and a graphical, icon-based Workflow Builder Tool to help you quickly and easily design and customize workflows. When configuring, accessing, and controlling workflows, you may need to use one or more of the following:

  • The Main Application screen
  • The Workflow Builder Tool
  • The Dispatcher Phoenix Web Interface
  • Dispatcher Phoenix on the MFP
  • Dispatcher Phoenix Workstation

Please browse through the following topics to learn more:

Main Application Screen
See how to use the main application screen to run, stop, pause workflows, copy/paste workflows, view activity logs, access input and output folders, view a preview of a workflow, and much more.

Workflow Builder Tool
Learn more about all the features that are available for you within the Workflow Builder, Dispatcher Phoenix’s easy-to-use design tool for creating custom workflows.

Dispatcher Phoenix Web
Learn how to install DP Web components for access to online admin tools, cluster management tools for enterprise-level deployments, a card registration tool, workflow control features, Batch Indexing, Reporting, Dashboard, and much more.

Dispatcher Phoenix on the MFP
Learn more about how to access your workflow at the MFP.

Dispatcher Phoenix Workstation
Get more information on Dispatcher Phoenix’s Workstation, a batch scanning application that connects with any manufacturer’s high-speed scanner.